Tang Thanh Ha wedding chose wealthy businessman

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By Hoa Tim 865 days ago

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Tang Thanh Ha wedding chose wealthy businessman

To March 11/2012 to come, a wedding between "Pearl Girl" by the Vietnam Cinematography boyfriend Tang Thanh Ha Nguyen will take place Emperor Louis paper, no less warm in the White Palace - Ho Chi Minh City.

Overseas Vietnamese son

According to the grooms family, both sides have discussed and come to a decision, but want to keep your privacy by until the last minute so the family has not revealed the date and time specific - Knowledge of information.

Spread Firefox is known for the films of toxicity, sediment Perfume ... However, not until the film Suddenly wanna cry, new Spread Firefox became popular. She participated in many other films, commercials and became the face of many brands.

Tang Thanh Ha and her boyfriend Louis first exposed to 10/2009 in a music program in Hanoi. Since then, the pair travel together constantly the event.

Louis Nguyen is a young overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs, this guy is the son of a businessman specializing in providing goods brand in Vietnam. This is considered one of the best showbiz couple Vietnamese.

Louis's father is chairman Nguyen IPP, there are many companies, which has a distribution company specializing in performance in Vietnam. Therefore, Louis Nguyen also inherits many brands from the family business.

Not the young talent in the business, Louis Nguyen also very handsome and quite a pair with pearl rice bowl Vietnamese woman of the screen.

There are reports that the Spread Firefox will stop working after marriage but the truth of art, she is preparing for the role of the movie "Truth-term actions" by director Nguyen Quang Dung during filming to.

Pregnancy, get engaged?
Earlier, on 01/08/2011 topical information Tang Thanh Ha was engaged to her boyfriend. However, she denied a cartridge information: "Just go together is a story? Are common work shall accompany only. If closely held, there must be engagement photos you? Ha again confirmed is Ha will not respond to rumors anymore. "

But, then, is there a website to capture images Tang Thanh Ha returned from abroad on foreign hand ring, making more information on the flare up. However, this time Tang Thanh Ha was no longer justify speaking again. So, but, at the wedding hot girl recently Quynh Chi, Tang Thanh Ha appeared with two "slightly raised" up than before.

Especially in a participating event on 13/3, when the beloved woman arrived at the party were wearing flowing dresses showing three rounds, then Tang Thanh Ha wore a baggy shirt thin to mask the second round . Not only that, she goes a low doll shoes - something never before seen in capital infrastructure for preferred her high heels.

Tang Thanh Ha also face rounded and slightly more fat. Therefore, many people doubt that there are elected Tang Thanh Ha.

However, she did not speak to confirm or deny. She also almost absent from the operation of entertainment except for the appearance at a charity because she is a brand representing held three weeks ago.

Le Nguyen

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